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Sports Performance

Sports performance gym in Morehead City, NC. Our gym’s sports performance program provides athletes with the tools they need for long-term athletic success.

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Sports Performance benefits

Sports performance training at Sports Center Performance Zone offers a multitude of benefits to athletes of all levels. With our gym’s expert coaches, athletes can enhance their strength, speed, agility, and endurance, ultimately improving their overall performance on the field or court. Sports Center Performance Zone’s programming focuses on injury prevention, help athletes develop proper technique and reduce the risk of injuries, ensuring long-term athletic success.

Elementary Youth Sports Performance

Teaching a foundation for coordination and athleticism.

Middle School Youth Sports Performance

The middle school program is geared towards athletes from 6th – 8th grade and begins to emphasize speed and power athletic movements as well as age-appropriate weight-lifting.

High School Youth Sports Performance

The high school program focuses on developing power, speed, strength and conditioning, and injury prevention. It’s the perfect prep course for a Division 1 collegiate program.


Designed for collegiate athletes home for the break. This program focuses on developing power, speed, strength and athleticism created to support and help maintain peak performance throughout the year.

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